New Card Pack Because of YOU!

Today was my payout for the post I said I would use all liquid funds to buy starbits and then buy a pack or packs with them depending on how much it generated.

Sadly the one issue I see with Hive is that a majority of rewards go to hive power and not liquid form so it limits it on that front. However tokens are another story which I think Hive could learn a lesson from I don't get why half or more of your rewards should be locked up on payout for 13 weeks that seems a little crazy to me.

Anyways you guys and gals are AMAZING and thank you for the support. Because of that I was able to buy a little over 11,000 starbits from the market and bought a pack with it.

I have to say it was one seriously awesome pack as well!

Not only did we land a rare card with gives a huge 4 income booster but we also landed two solid common cards which give 15 skill which is pretty much me doing two skill missions myself or saves me 80 energy points I would have spent on that!

Moving forward I think I'll make it official. Any liquid rewards made from this post for the game Rising Star to buy star bits and level up the packs till we get to the point of making enough from missions to unlock one each day!