Splinterlands: Playing Isn't Enough People; Go Social, Go Loud

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Greetings Splinterlands Lovers

There are so many ways of not just having fun, but also making crypto in the Splinterlands world. Some conventional fun methods are like playing ranked battles, participating in tournaments, blogging and even trading.

But there are unconventional methods too, like Social Media(Twitter/ Discord/ Telegram/Tiktok/ Facebook etc.) campaigns. I call them unconventional because many players never bother to look around at splinterlands social media handles to see whats happening around.

e.g. currently there are two twitter compaigns running on Splinterlands and Splinterlore twitter handles.

But, social media giveaways, airdrops and quests are just to motivate people like me and you to not only just play the game but also be vocal about it. The more vocal we are, the more traction the game will get.

So, you better follow your favorite game(Splinterlands) on various social media platforms, and also be loud about it. Share your gaming experiences, strategies and achievement to let the world know about the amazing world you live in.

Some of the Splinterlands social media handles that I keep taps on are Hive, Twitter(Splinterlands and Splinterlore), Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Medium and Publish0x.


That will be all for today!!!

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