[ZaKu/ザク Games] Assassin's Creed 1 | Gameplay : #5 (1080p60)

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Greetings folks, here is another interesting gameplay of Assassin's Creed 1 gameplay. On this gameplay I completed the mission objectives of Acre. After reached on Acre, I needed to syncronize some view points to get enough investigation points to unlock the main target objective. The first investigation was pickpocket the information from the informer, second one was 2 elimination target from Assasination informer But the twist is I need to eliminate them stealthly and the last one was I have to eliminate 3 targets and the mission rules was same as the second one. After completing all those investigation I returned to the Bureau and share the information with Bureau Leader and then he give me a target name to assasinate.

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Favourite series 😍😍 I can't wait playing Valhalla ☺️

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I just started playing Assassins series, It is really awesome game