5 Days Of Drawing Cute Animals : Midnight Oil Piglet

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Hello Hivers and creative community,

This is my second drawing of a cute animal for the 5 day drawing challenge posted by @loverdoll on Draw A Day Community. The challenge is to draw 5 cute animals of your choice and that is it. Pinky the piglet from the Pinky and Spiky comics is my inspiration for this drawing. I could not think of a specific animal today good thing Pinky came in handy hehehe. Why midnight oil? Again this is like me in real life. I stay up late at night learning a new recipe and eventually cook it. Trial and error makes the cooking time extended until I get it right.

If you would like to participate in this 5 day drawing challenge just pick your favourite or any animal for that matter and draw them. Be sure they look cute 😊 because that is the main idea or requirement of the challenge. I can't wait to see your creative minds at work. I will be waiting to see your entries. 😁 Don't forget to post them in this community. Draw A Day Community see you there.
Have fun creating. Keep safe my friends.

Keep discovering. Satisfy your curiosity and never get tired learning new things