👨‍💻 The Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss" 🤫 #43 🐾 Nadi's On The Warpath, Iced Humans Drink Hot Beer, & Quasi-Legal Golf Ball Reocvery ⛳

Authored by @justinparke


Greetings Hivers, welcome to the Weekly ASEAN Hive "Hot Goss", where I @justinparke dig up false ASEAN Hive rumors and spread even more, but all in satirical fun and support of Southeast Asian content on Hive.


🐾 Nadi's On The Warpath, Iced Humans Drink Hot Beer, & Quasi-Legal Golf Ball Reocvery ⛳

November 22nd, 2022
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image.pngby: @alvonzo (click pic to go to post)

     We start off in Aceh just outside the most expensive golf club in all of Indonesia. When VIPs hit their balls out of bounds, THIS ASEAN HIVER RECOVERS GOLF BALLS AND SELLS THEM AT A PREMIUM PRICE.
     When VIP golfers enter the woods in search of their prized balls, they find nothing. To help them give up a little more quickly, our ASEAN Hiver plays a recording of a tiger growling from a small speaker, and this usually sends the golfers running back to the green. This new source of income is a valuable one, so I trust we ASEAN Hivers can keep a secret.

image.pngby: @chaingmai.hhh (click pic to go to post)

     A RADICAL NEW DRINKING CONCEPT IS TAKING HOLD IN THAILAND to help beer companies compete with the newly legalized marijuana industry. The concept is simple but strange, ice yourself instead of the beer, and this not only keeps you cool, but also prevents watered down beers.
     So far the most common technique is to simply sit on a huge chunk of ice and drink away. It's not rocket science, but it is revolutionary, and right now the race is on for someone to patent this iced intoxication technique. If things go as planned, this ASEAN Hiver will have the sole rights to serve iced humans warm beers, so let's keep things a secret until the paperwork is done.

image.pngby: @gooddream (click pic to go to post)

     NADI IS ON THE WARPATH this week after a bad haircut saw the loss of her tail's poofy ball. The displeasure of this doggy is palpable in the photos, and she's actually very self-conscious of her tail, so it's probably best if we don't mention it when we see her.
     Rumor has it that her human told her it's barely noticeable, and she can't twist her head around enough to see how ratlike her tail looks like at the moment. All the mirrors in the house have been put away in order to keep Nadi's rage from boiling over, but luckily all is forgotten with a few treats so long as we ASEAN Hivers keep our mouths shut.

Until Next Time ASEAN Hivers....

     Don't forget that this curation is merely fictional satire, so don't take anything I write too seriously.

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Another unique are being choosed again. The first post, is just like our wayof living. We are far from the town so we need to walk a few miles and bring our goods to sell to our public market. Kudos with this man. Hardworking is one of the key to gain success.


Thanks for the support my friend. We are also far from the market, but luckily a minivan comes by once in a while with veggies from the farm fields.