MakeMeSmile Season 3 WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

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WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile

Thank you @tattoodjay for the collaboration! WednesdayWalk and MakeMeSmile are two challenges that have similar intention and that is to bring FUN and SMILE to the HIVE!

We are now a weekly collaboration!!! YES! DOUBLE the FUN every week with us WednesdayWalk MakeMeSmile!!! Share you WALK and SMILE with us!!!

If you are not familiar with WednesdayWalk, check out the walks HERE!

We will be giving out HIVE to some of you as a token of appreciation! We love to see your WALK and SMILE!

Last week prizes were given to @kamrunnahar. Thanks for sharing your WALK and SMILE.


a. Basically, it will still be the same as the first season. Your post can be in writing, singing, video, poem, drawing, photography, etc... The most important element is your post Make "ME" Smile. Remember, the ME is whoever read/view/listen your post and this includes YOURSELF.
b. Your content must be ORIGINAL CONTENT.
c. Please include at least 50 words in your post.


Happy Wednesday!!! Came out to do some stuff with my husband yesterday. We parked our car by the roadside.

Beautiful trees. And here's some parasitic plant crawling on a big tree.



Pigeons gathered together... Uhm... You should have some social distance 🤣🤣🤣


Yu, you two are doing great. Keep the distance. Not too close. 😂😂😂


Ya, the MCO is not as tight as before, not total lockdown. We can come out to get things done. But then still is advisable to stay at home.

How's the Covid situation at your place now? Take good care of yourself and your family!

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Here is my report from the tennis season opening, @elizacheng. It may be worthy of a smile ☺️

Glad your getting out a bit more! I have retired from work at the schools and now live peacefully in the forest. We live a fairly isolated life any ways so we were not affected much by the restrictions. It does make me appreciate having our forest home with large indoor gardens for the winter and outdoor gardens for the summer with all the wilderness around us to enjoy all year long!

I have a post for you with more feathered friends and my fur buddies too at:

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