Tree Tuesday

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Captured this last Saturday when I brought my eldest to A Look Eyewear Cheras Selatan to pick up her new glasses. Lots of trees outside the mall at the outdoor carpark. Big trees and small trees. Different types of trees.




During this MCO period, we have been staying at home most of the time. Halley, my eldest came out for the second time this year. And both times were because of her glasses. The first was on Friday evening to get her eye test and choose her frame. And Saturday afternoon to pick up her new glasses.

We have gotten so used to stay at home and not window shopping for a long, long time now. Before the pandemic hit, weekend was the time when we will go out and window shop and have lunch outside. And sometimes we would spend our weekend at the water theme park playing or strolling in the mini zoo checking out the animals and birds. My girls really miss all the outdoor activities.

Being able to come out during this period, Halley was so happy. Hopefully this pandemic can be broken and we can be safe again.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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Same here
Every weekend, we are out at some mall enjoying the aircon
Now, we actually have become homebodies and I dare say, even enjoy it to an extent..

Ya... But will need to keep my girls occupied and burnt their energy. They are always fully charged. 🤣🤣🤣

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Some beautiful trees, and they certainly look more well taken care of than the grass below.