My Market Friday___Something To Reminisce, Something Weird__ By @dswigle



Hello everyone! I was on my way to the grocery when I spotted this weird looking tree. It resembles that of a monster as if it has escaped from the wrath of the citizens, hence cutting the other limbs. Ain't it so weird looking? If you look at it closely, it seems that it looked like a pig with its flat-looking nose, right!


Then it seems that the other limbs has been 'hacked' oh my! It has two legs too.:)


They're like the clouds that develops different kinds of shapes but trees tend to create more bizarre images and that's only one among others. Actually, I don't like to pass this way especially during night time because it seems that somebody is lurking behind the dark shadows!



It's good that several establishments were already developed on the other side of the highway that this area became a busy place for commuters.


Some motorists park their bikes under the trees. Before, this used to be covered with thick grass and bushes because it's a private property.

This place is a mini forest owned by the first City Mayor of Canlaon. It used to be vacant space,for about one block. When tree planting was highly encouraged by the Department of Agriculture, out City Mayor offered their land to be planted with forest trees. We enjoyed the task and at the same time relieved that we don't need to climb the hilly parts to do our tree planting because it was a prerequisite required by the government nationwide.


Across the road is the newly built Mini Mart so we need to park our motorcycles on the adjacent mini-forest. Many businesses were opened since the lockdowns due to strick border rules and regulations.
Anyways, I went inside the mart to buy Antonia's favorites.


Time to go home now. Thankful for another good day of our lives.

Thank you @dswigle for initiating Market Friday

Till then,


That is a very big and beautiful trees.

Oo para syang momo:)

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Thank you so much!

I always get a goosebumps whenever looking this kind of tree 😫

Me too especially during nighttime and you see it looking down at you! Lol!

Whoa that is one spooky looking tree.

Indeed, it is!^_^

Maybe this is what rakes turn into during the day.

Any safe place you can find to park a moto without being scorched by the sun is a big win! There is no way to wake you up faster than sitting on a moto seat as hot as molten lava.

Hahaha Indeed.

How I love it.

Very nice trees. I am glad you got to get what is needed at the Market.

I appreciate all the work you put into making #MarketFriday a success! It is heartwarming to have the love and support given to a tag you are trying to grow into something. You have made it fun to visit your post and each different person adds a unique touch to their posts. Your little piece of this world, and, people are interested in expanding their culture. This challenge opens up my world, and, I hope yours too. to me and so many others. Thank you again. I hope you have a most wonderful day! Hive on!!

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