Monomad Challenge: Crack In The Sky

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Here is a photo of a tree branch I shot in the broad daylight. The branch was hanging over a fence around my home and I decided to take a shot of it with the sky as a backdrop for contrast.

To further boost that contrast, I edited the photo to be in black and white and boosted the contrast even more. That made the whites even whiter and the blacks even blacker and made the photo look like one of those high key contrast photos of I'm correct.
I also like the way it looks minimalist. It's almost like the sky was cracking or something.

This photo is sponsored by boredom, haha.
This post is my entry to the #monomad challenge, created by @brumest and hosted by @monochromes.
Thanks for the opportunity!

Thanks for coming around, hope to see you again!

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How did you shoot this brov?

Didn't do anything spectacular, really

The minimalism is crazy brov

Thanks man