Monomad: From a forest report

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I spent several days in this forest. I was happy without internet and city amenities. Mushrooms, blueberries, cloudberries, birds and trees were in touch with me. And even the rain was a joy.

Rain in the pine forest

В этом лесу я провёл несколько дней. Я был счастлив без интернета и городских удобств. Грибы, черника, морошка, птицы и деревья были со мной на связи. И даже дождь был в радость.

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From Russia with Love

My last post


Back to Nature???


Unfortunately, all good things end quickly...:)

Cheers! аnd !BEER

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Красиво природа смотрится даже в черно-белом!
Особенно мне понравилось фото через стекло с каплями дождя!!!
Мне нравится дождь и шум дождя.

Мне тоже нравится дождь, я готов снимать даже в ливень))


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Thanks so much :)

According to the first picture you lived a great place where is the center of calmness and beauty... By the way you took great pictures...

Have a great day my friend...

Good to see you and thank you for your kind words!
I hope to go back there.
Have a great day my friend too:)


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Thanks so much @axeman :)

I know how forests are. it is exciting and full of experience. I hope you were not alone in this forest! and congratulations on your successful photos.

Glad to see you and thank you for your kind words:)
I look like a lone wolf, I like to be alone in the forest. Sometimes you need a break from everything and everyone

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Thanks so much :)

Fantastic! There must have been so much peace out there. Very wonderful.

My Pleasure!
Yes, you can live in this forest

Лес - это всегда прекрасно!
И у меня он вроде и не далеко, но по жаре, к сожалению бываю в нем редко(((
Второе фото, просто шикарно!"

Благодарствую на добром слове))
Погода не может понять сама себя, т сухо, то мокро)))