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Hello #photographylovers this is my entry to the #Monomad Photography Challenge by @brumest hosted on @monochromes

1950's BSA engines, these were just a few of the classic engines I had tucked away in the shed awaiting restoration. A couple of years prior while buying a 1954 BSA Bantam in Birmingham the seller turned to me and said, i've got a few spares in my garage you can have them if you want.

Expecting a box of odds and ends I was shocked when I found 18 engines along with all sorts of other parts, a few spares ended up being a whole van full.

Many parts were used on my project bikes but the rest were sold to a second hand British spares dealer for more than the sale price of the bike, what a result.




So you could argue I got this bike for free, actually free and some extra cash, what a deal!

bsa3 (3).jpg

Thanks for taking a look at my photos, until we meet again stay safe folks!


Cool Beans!
Good Luck With The Build!

Cheers fella:)

Thank You!

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