This is my entry for the monomad challenge

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Black and White photography, it ins't a very popular type of photography! I have got myself, beside my regular Instagram account a black and white account.

I am not very actieve on it but when i look at the b&w pictures on Instagram there are a lot of beauties passing by. And it doesn't get any attention of Instagram it self. If you look on the front page of Instagram there are no B&W pictures on it! If i am out photographing I often know that the picture I am taking is going to be much better in B&W than color. Like this one, The sun didn't come trough the clouds enough so a long exposure didn't have that many colors, so black and white it is :)


Yes, that's me. I have the Canon connect app so i can remotely controle everything with my telephone! 30 seconds exposure using the little stopper of Leefilters. Not holding my breath btw :p just practice standing stil. You will get it :p


Hi! Wow, you rock with your works! Would love to see you on Commun,, where you could get donations from the first day and for the rest of your life, set up your own community with your own token :)

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Thank you

Congratulations. Today's #monomad first place is yours. Thank You very much for participating.
Also, and in case you didn't yet, feel free to join our Black And White Community.

Thank you so much :D

great shot. You are so right about instagram and lack of black and white also. B&W does things colour can not. Look forward to more of your shots

I think the B&W version is much better, here a link to the colored version :p

Hi @haastrecht - That's a awesome image!

I just notice that you use the Photofeed Tag - Please make sure to use it under your first 5 tags so I can see the picture when I do curation. Otherwise it doesn't show on my curation wall.

Cheers! :))

Thanks for the tip, i fixed it for you ;)

It looks great. Now, I'm also feeling like learning to use the long exposure to capture the clouds.

Thanks mate, love it when i am inspiring other people :)