Black and White : Life in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak

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Hi buddy,

Coronavirus still occurs in parts of the world, this deadly virus is very feared among humans. This virus has been infected by hundreds of millions of people around the world, this virus also does not recognize young and old even children.

Until now, each government has not found a cure for the outbreak, in Indonesia alone nearly 3,000 people have been declared dead in the world for the past 5 months.



However, among all the provinces in Indonesia, Aceh is the least infected by the coronavirus, previously Aceh had imposed curfew restrictions and closure of inter-provincial routes, but the question? when this outbreak ends. Indonesian people, Aceh in particular, are looking forward to a normal life like before.

Government efforts to overcome this outbreak have been carried out in various ways, such as Rapid mass tests, disinfecting liquid spraying, body temperature checks to independent isolation.




Life used to be very different from now, besides having to always wear a mask, we are also required to have a medical certificate when traveling far away. most people claim to be afraid of the current situation, even they are not willing to go to the hospital for treatment, as usual, afraid of being said to be infected with the coronavirus. So the hospital that has been designated as a place of care for people infected with the coronavirus is now starting to be quiet than before.

people always question after seeing on social media until now the virus is increasingly "growing", where is the real mistake?





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Beautifully told story with those black and white images. Maybe even more impressive, because it is in monochrome.

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thank you

I like that you have chosen monochrome for this. Have a great day!

@creativenary Thank you very much

My pleasure! Have a great day!

please help me, so that it develops better.
and please say what is still lacking in each of my posts. thank you @creativemary

Ok, I will try😊