A Symbiotic Moment In Time

in Black And White6 months ago

(Photo taken by @paradigm42)
How often we miss a lovely low lying little flower such as this that normally remains hidden in the grass from our less than noticing eyes.
Yet a tiny ant knows the true beauty and value of such a flower as life sustaining and necessary to itself and the survival of it's community.
In return this teeny tiny Ant hard to see without my macro lens takes some of the flower's pollen along to the next one, helping to ensure the flowers own continued existence.

This post was inspired as an entry for the #monomad daily black and white photo contest brought to you by @monochromes.
As always remember that it is all about the little things in life, and thanks for looking in! :)


Photo taken with a LG 8 ThinQ 12mp camera with a 15x macro lens.