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The Orang Utan, or by another name called Siamang, is a type of great ape with long arms and brownish black and blackish, no tail, living in the rainforest.

In this post, I made a number of pictures of Siamang that were successfully recorded in captivity where my residents live. The population of Siamang people has been increasing day by day, even in the last 20 years orangutans have increased by 55 percent.

Sumatran orang-utans are in the critically endangered category because the population lives at 7.5 thousand individuals in nature.

Siamang is also a species of monkey that is included in the endangered category and the remaining 57 thousand individuals. If the orangutan population decreases, the gibbons and other orangutan species will become extinct.

Some of the causes of the reduction in the number of orangutans in the conversation are the practice of hunting and logging of liars, the conversion of forests into plantations, climate change, and forest fires so as to make these animals go to the streets asking for food mercy from humans.

Well ... maybe all of us know it, the term from the word orang utan is taken from the word in Malay, which is 'orang' which means human and 'utan' which means forest.

Orangutans include two sub-species, namely Sumatran orang-utans or known as Pongo Abelii and Orang utan Kalimantan or Borneo Pongo Pygmaeus.

Something that is unique to this animal because it has a close kinship with humans at the level of animalia, where orangutans have a DNA acquisition rate of 96.4 percent with humans.

For the characteristics of the orangutans themselves are they have a fat and big body, big neck, long and strong arms, short legs and down, and do not have a tail, about 1.25 to 1.5 meters high.

Body condition covered with thick hair, has a large head with a high mouth position. Upon reaching a sexy maturity level, male orangutans have fatter temples on the second side, large crowns, long hair and grow beards to their faces.

In science, orangutans also have the same senses as humans, namely hearing, sight, smell, taste, and touch. While orang-utans weigh about 50-90 kilograms, while female orang-utans weigh around 30-50 kilograms.

Their palms have 4 long fingers plus 1 thumb, their toes also have a very similar arrangement of fingers to the fingers of a human. Worse the population of these animals because the permit area was flown by residents and taken over by humans.


While the large-scale reduction of forests used as new plantations and human settlements makes these animal habitats increasingly shrink and threaten their survival.

So many of us encounter these animals often go into the villages and rage due to damage to their environment in the forest.

Well ... the diversity of this species shows a dramatic picture, the natural ecosystem has lost half of its territory, even in the wetlands up to 85 percent. Scientists report how nature and its contents have been damaged by humans.

Siamang with the howl of his voice, made his throat sacs protrude. His strong, long and slender shoulders swung athletically from one branch to another.

The glare of the steel eyes and the shaking motion of the branch made the gibbons firmly stand on the tree now, the majority of the remaining gibbons left in the world were found in Sumatra.



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