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Hello to the #hive

This is my entry to the Monomad Photography Challenge initiated by @brumest and hosted by @monochromes.

Well today is a usually a big celebration here in Moalboal in Cebu, John the Baptist day. Normally anarray of water activities, boat racing, cock fighting and ladyboy boxing. Yes you hear that correctly.

In theory nobody should be at the beach in groups or doing any kind of water activities. However i do have my trusty binos at hand and being the extremely nosey dive shop manager that I am I have seen nothing but water activity all day long. I knew this would happen. It's quite an unruly area.


In many ways you can't blame them after being kept in doors for so long ( 3 months now) but i do fear a backlash from the local govt. I hope we are not kept in lockdown for too much longer. But i suspect after this we will.


Love watching the little pirates mess around they seem to have found their very own boat to be on the high seas. Kids are actually not supposed to out the house but these aren't kids, THEY ARE PIRATES aah harrrghhh. I wonder what high seas adventure they will get up to today. I can't believe they've got their own boat haha. Kind of reminds me of being a kid, no rules out all day back at dark.

Well thanks for reading my post I hope you like the photos that go along with it. Please stay safe out their people


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Manually curated by the Qurator Team. Keep up the good work!

Reflect and remember childhood and the pictures goes with it.

i will always cherish how much freedom we had as kids. Growing up in the 70's we just were left to do our own thing, Roaming the parks and streets. Just be back before dark. I watch the kids here and they are basically feral. It reminds me of my youth but my worry for these kids is that a lot don't even go to school which is a worry as how will they ever lift themselves without education.

Love that last pic, are they actually pirates haha?

haha they may as well be. They took a boat that wasn't theirs to use for their own needs. yup pirates they be pirates they be haha


Childhood memories with playing outside all day long with no worries.... Good times...

yes. we were just left to do as we pleased. Was great. I see a lot of that freedom in the kids here. Roaming everywhere doing as they please

That's a good way of spending time