My Monomad Challenge entry - buds

in Black And White12 days ago


Few weeks ago i met with my buds and I was with my camera, they really wanted me to take pictures of them and I gladly obliged. We've got a fellow photographer from the extreme left, got gift in the middle and an artist to the right hand side, great fellas. I figured black and white would make the picture look very nice and appealing to the eyes, I guess I was right.


Such warmth in the smiles, but there's also the contrast of "I'm a badass" from the character on the right. Ha, ha, ha. Great picture and yes, black and white was certainly the correct call for this one.

If you remember some of my pictures im retrospect, you'd remember "the pilgrim", thats him, feeling all smug, haha.

Thank you @bertrayo🤝🏽

Oh, yeah. I thought I recognized that fella. Ha, ha, ha. "Feeling all smug!" 🤣


Always great to have you around.🤝🏽

It's nice to have things to comment. 😄 🤝