Started my Axie Journey finally today

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Hello my fellow warriors, I hope you all are blessed and fine. First of all, sorry for not being able to post as I really had a bad night the last night. Yesterday, Everything was going so well but suddenly I got a crave to eat mix chowmin by ordering it online. I had with my 2 brothers, my own and my uncle's son who is almost same age as my brother so they are very like minded. That time, when we were enjoying playing BGMI (Indian version of pubg, TPP action mobile game), upon winning a match together I thought to treat them well so ordered 2 plates of egg+chicken chowmin and 1 bottle of pepsi online and enjoyed together afterwords. That night, my parents invited my uncle's family for dinner and we ate many dishes including Mutton and different types of fishes. The dinner was at about 10 pm and after that I came to my room and started chatting with my online friends and was playing sl ranked matches as well. Suddenly, at around 1.45 am my tummy started paining and after some mins my head also started spinning without any reason. After a half an hour spending with this bad trip that includes vomiting and pooping in the bathroom, I finally started getting relieved but also felt very very weak at the same time. I came from my bathroom into my bedroom and just laid somehow into my bed. When woke up, it was morning and I just lost 1 day of work and earning from my lifetime. I am not complaining thou XD

On the other hand, from morning to currnt time, which is 1.04 am, Axie infinity has sucked all my blood out just because I wanted to complete the daily quests heh. But just time before, the server was back online and i penetrate in some of my own battles into the queue. But not sure thou if it really gets counted or not, that totally depends on their Utopian server. Itds been over a week now since the server problems started and the panic of the market is already showing its affect on the charts. Axies are currently being sold at lower prices> below are some screenshots to describe the current axie market

Cheapest adult axies:


Cheapest adult axies with 0 breed:


Cheapest Eggs:


Even some days before, when I was continuously looking for a cheap deal in the markewt, acheapest axies were selling for over 350$ and min 600$ for 0 breed ones. I even bought 1 aqua axie 0 breed with good card and got emptied. Only recently when it came cheaper I bought another 2 cheap for 500$ and started playing. Btw I also checked some of those axie listing above to check if it's already being sold or with an error message but it they look fine to me as you can see below screenshot.


Anyway, I have started the journey with axie and started learning myself how it works and I hope this game rectifies the problems real soon so that I can enjoy the gameplay with a calm head. XD as you can see below, these rae the 3 axies that I bought as initial starter. The blue one is good, the green one is average but the white one is confused lolz


That was it for today guys. I hope you liked my post. See you tomorrow :)


Oh! You ate too muchhhhh Mango! Eat in moderation! XD

And welcome to Axie! I for one think Axies and SLP's would most likely increase in price after they resolved this ongoing server issues. Some people are dumping their SLP's and Axies as they are too frustrated to not being able to do anything in the game and some are giving in to the FUD's. I'm not worried though cause I read somewhere that the Axie's core devs even doxxed themselves so that shows how commited they are to the game.

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I almost got into axie until I saw it was for ETH basically. I'll still enjoy watching you on your journey to greatness!

yes its on eth but ronin wallet doesnt charge gas fees. only when you move money from metamask to ronin or reverse, it ll gas you out xD

Congratz on finally getting in! The prices indeed have cooled down a little after the recent SLP drop and outages.

Playing has been quite smooth today though. Maybe they are close to fixing the issues. 🤞