The best part about the past

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The past is a place some people wanna revisit while others never want to have anything to do with their past anymore, oh well i was going through my blog on steemit which happened four years ago and i saw a picture of mine i used in a certain post....I snapped this picture five years ago and just looking at it i realized i was happier and full of spirit...

Then it dawn on me again that there was a time in my life when i was a lad who had no worries, no dream, no goal, all he care about was to eat, play and enjoy life to its fullest, we have all been in that stage once in our life but the more we grow the more our sense of reasoning change, we get to learn we won't forever be that lad their parents will always take care of and someday we will grow to become someone who needs to take care of others..

life got to me, the endless race of earning and caring less about any other thing got to me, life doesn't look boring to me now tho but then in five years time, if i look into my past,there will be nothing worthwhile to talk about, no memories created with people nor is there any special event like the years that comes before now...

It is what it is, Man must survive and to survive in this modernized world, one must have money, money doesn't bring happiness but it is very important and it can help to create happiness in some way, it can buy things that makes one happy even if it for a short time....

The best part is when we look back into our past and smile, the reason being that we love who we have become and what we have achieved, the memories we have created and those who we had them with, life is short, do what makes you happy once in a while so you can have stories to tell in the future..


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