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RE: Hold That Mike ! My Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest -Top 3 Lead Singers

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A fantastic post, once again, @justclickindiva

Your post is taking me back to my childhood for sure. My mother and father would have been vying for music time on the record player.

On one hand, my mum was belting out Motown, Supremes, Temptations, The Commodores, any ballads at the time, and also Diana's solo stuff.

My dad on the other hand would have been playing The Moody Blues, The Rolling Stones, Canned Heat, Pink Floyd and Meat Loaf, among others.

Even though my go-to is Rock, I like to think my musical taste is pretty varied, probably based on the battle of the bands going on in my house! 😁 Motown definitely chills me out and brings back happy memories. I remember mum playing this mashup of My Girl/My Guy over and over.


White Rabbit is a classic track. Grace Slicks hauntingly melodic voice is outstanding. My father was a fan, for sure but it stopped at Jefferson Airplane. He didn't like the later incarnations.

Wonder music and great lead singers, @justclickindiva

Good luck with the contest.



WOW...I just can't believe I managed to bring out the oldies from the closet. Who would have ever thought. You know, music is universal no matter who you are. It's the glue that binds and weaves through out minds until it's sounds make you forget who the artists are and you're left with that indescribable feeling that calms and uplifts.

It's funny you say that about the battle of the music because my mom was the one who would literally run us out of the house is we changed the record player. How about this: Sam Cooke; Bobby Womack (he married Sam's wife after Sam was killed in a plane crash, I believe); B.B. King and his Lucille; Big Joe Turner; Howlin Wolf (her all-time favorite); Bobby (Blues) Bland; Brook Benton; Muddy Waters; Willie Dixon, and CCR. She didn't care. She loved them all. I credit her for our variety in music. And I also credit her for our dislike of Country. She couldn't stand it.

My dad, well. He loved my mom, lol.

Talk about Rock. I love it through and through. Especially female rock stars. Did you see Joan Jett above in my other comment? And her other remake from Tommy, Crimson and Clover. Classic stuff. and how about Steppin-Wolf?

Do you know that I still have some 33s. Yep, with the yellow disks.

Thanks for stopping in and viewing my selections.