My Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest - Top 3 Video Games

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Your Top 3 Monthly Contest June 2020 - What Are Your Favourite Video Games?

This month's topic is: YOUR TOP 3 VIDEO GAMES

My entry into this month’s Top 3 contest are my favorite video games. A great topic for me. Below are my nominations.

Nomination Number One


My Reasons for the Nomination

PAC-MAN, in my opinion, is the most widely-known video game of the the 20th century. It was introduced in 1980. It's such a mainstay in our society that you can walk into any place where kids play and you will find this video game as one of their choices. I would play alone, trying to become a better player. The objective of this game is to attempt to navigate the maze and eat all the colored dots, while avoiding the ghosts. The concept is so simple: eat or be eaten. This game eventual became the highest highest revenue-grossing game of all time.

Image by SourceandPixel from Pixabay


PAC-MAN, en mi opinión, es el videojuego más conocido del siglo XX. Fue introducido en 1980. Es un pilar tan importante en nuestra sociedad que puedes entrar en cualquier lugar donde jueguen los niños y encontrarás este videojuego como una de sus opciones. Yo jugaba solo, tratando de ser un mejor jugador. El objetivo de este juego es intentar navegar por el laberinto y comerse todos los puntos de color, evitando los fantasmas. El concepto es tan simple: comer o ser comido. Este juego se convirtió en el juego de mayor recaudación de todos los tiempos.

Nomination Number Two

Super Mario Brothers

My Reasons for the Nomination

Who doesn't remember Mario and Luigi? This 1980's game is a spin-off of the Mario Brothers arcade game from Nintendo. The Super Mario series became widely popular. This is another one my kids and their friends loved to play daily. Mario and his brother Luigi travel through the Mushroom Kingdom in their quest to rescue Princess Toadstool. It's a delightful game that young and old would play. The younger kids loved it because all the character were colorful and had adoring names.

Image by Pixabay


¿Quién no recuerda a Mario y Luigi? Este juego de los 80 es un spin-off del juego arcade de Mario Brothers de Nintendo. La serie Super Mario se hizo muy popular. Este es otro al que mis hijos y sus amigos les encantaba jugar a diario. Mario y su hermano Luigi viajan por el Reino Champiñón en su búsqueda para rescatar a la Princesa Toadstool. Es un juego encantador al que juegan grandes y pequeños. A los niños más pequeños les encantaba porque todos los personajes eran coloridos y tenían nombres adorables.

Nomination Number Three


My Reasons for the Nomination

I remember Donkey Kong arcade game from the 1980s. This game, I believe is the simplest video game ever made. It was made specifically for the American audiences by Nintendo. Earlier video games didn't have a story to accompany it. Donkey Kong is based upon the King Kong scenario whereby Kong, the gorilla, kidnaps the damsel and takes her to the top of the ladder. There she needs to be rescued. Her boyfriend, named Mario the carpenter, tries to save her.

The objective of this game is to have the player assume the role of Mario. Donkey Kong is at the top of the ladder looking down. He must get to the top of the rung. He has to evade obstacles in his path in each section of the rung in order to get to the top. The problem is that each rung has traps along the way. The higher Mario climbs, the harder each level is to advance.


Recuerdo el juego arcade de Donkey Kong de los años 80. Este juego, creo que es el videojuego más simple que se haya hecho. Fue hecho específicamente para el público americano por Nintendo. Los primeros videojuegos no tenían una historia que lo acompañara. Donkey Kong se basa en el escenario de King Kong en el que Kong, el gorila, secuestra a la damisela y la lleva a lo más alto de la escalera. Allí necesita ser rescatada. Su novio, llamado Mario el carpintero, intenta salvarla.

El objetivo de este juego es que el jugador asuma el papel de Mario. Donkey Kong está en lo alto de la escalera mirando hacia abajo. Debe llegar a la cima del escalón. Tiene que evitar los obstáculos en su camino en cada sección del escalón para llegar a la cima. El problema es que cada peldaño tiene trampas en el camino. Cuanto más alto sube Mario, más difícil es avanzar en cada nivel.

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Awesome choices @justclickindiva

Pacman is legendary. No matter what platform of guise, it never fails to make me feel good.

My early memory of Pacman was from 1980/81. I was 8 and my junior school had an after school club on Wednesdays. Unbelievably, they had an Atari games machine that we could all use. What's weird was that there weren't many people wanting to use it so I had, mostly, free reign on it. There were a handful of games to choose from but there was only one that I ever did choose, Pacman.

Lemon squash in a plastic cup, pickled onion Monster Munch and Pacman. Happy days. They didn't put a chair Infront of the TV so I remember adopting this weird position to crouch and cross one leg over the other. I could play the game for hours like that. Hehe.

I was never a big fan of Nintendo but donkey Kong, to be fair, has legendary status too.

Good luck with the contest.


Hahaha! Pacman featured in my post too. Not that I've ever played it!

I loved that game for pac-man @fionasfavourites. I think we may still have it, although it's of no use now with no equipment to play in with. That was one of the only 3 I knew how to play. But the best way to play it was at the arcade rooms for the kid. Don't know of your city had one, but there was a pizza place where the kids could eat pizza and play all the arcade games.

I remember the early game. There was a machine at the uni cafeteria and at the corner shop when I started work in the mid-70s.

Yes, that's it. And it had the large joystick on the left hand top corner of the machine. My left arm is larger than my right one now for pulling that stick back, forth, up and down, lol.

But what fun those times were.

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You're most welcome @justclickindiva! Thank you for supporting the contest and entering each month too!


Very cool video games from back in the day. I love them all!!

Classic choices! I was never very good at pac-man, but it's still one I'll hop on the rare occasion we make it out somewhere with an arcade. I think we actually played a few rounds during the holiday season back in December when my work party was at the bowling alley and we hit up the games section after our lane time was up! Kind of makes you a bit nostalgic given the current state of public interaction. I think I have the most experience playing Super Mario Brothers out of this list, but even then I only ever played for fun here and there. I think Tetris was the only game I ever tried to play a lot so I could beat my sister because she was so good! Surprised that one didn't make anyone's list. ;) Good luck in the dpoll!

I remember playing Donkey Kong in the arcade when I was a kid :)