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RE: Hold That Mike ! My Nominations for the Top 3 Monthly Contest -Top 3 Lead Singers

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Awesome choices yet again! So happy to see Motown represented. Diana is a straight up goddess of entertainment, so she definitely deserves a chance at taking home top spot in the polls. I didn't grow up with as much of her music, or The Temptations, at home as a kid, but came upon it later and always enjoy those classic hits. One of my clients always jokes he stopped listening to new music after the 60's. I tell him that's not a bad place to stop. Oh man, my mom would be mad at me that I forgot about Grace Slick. Another rock queen. So many great choices this month. It will make for an interesting dpoll!


Wow, you know about them. So happy to hear. I was a bit fretful that no one would have heard about them. But they're my choices of who I like, so that's all that matter. Even if dpoll doesn't agree, lol. I still have Grace's 2 songs in my mind. Woke up with them. I stopped listening to music in the late 70s. I wanted to do CCR, but Grace won out. You know what, the oldest stuff is the best. That was when music was real music. The singers had something to say. They expressed it in lyrics you would understand.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my music choices. I just love those make and female groups of old. I listen to them almost everyday while on line with my Itunes. Take care the rest of your week.