Macrophotography: Lynx Spider That Looks Like A Boxer

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Oxyopidae, or commonly known as the Lynx spider, today I saw it crawling on the wall of my house. I wonder what it was looking for, maybe it was looking for drain flies to be devoured, because usually the walls of my house are often occupied by drain flies.


The lynx spider is a unique species of spider, it has a pair of striking dark-colored pedipalps found on its front legs. I see it like a pair of boxing gloves.



The lynx spider is a smart predator, with its long legs, it is able to move quickly in capturing its prey. I had seen it kill a housefly, and it didn't immediately eat its prey, but led it to a place that was safe from other predators, perhaps to its lair.



CameraXiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro + Macro Lens
ProcessedAdobe Lightroom

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