Stay home, share 3 travel photos - The amazing world of Dubai

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I hope you are all well and have a beautiful day.
A great challenge that makes me search for memories and to participate, « Stay at home and share 3 photos of your travels » created by @psos Many Thanks!


Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, is one of the most famous cities on the world with dream beaches as well as ultramodern architecture, a city full of wonder and tourist attractions.


The Burj Al Arab Hotel is Dubai's landmark, a real eye-catcher!


The Burj Khalifa cloud scratcher


Here in direction Souk, as Souk are called markets in the Arabian area.


Thank you for coming by, have a Pleasant Day and stay safe everyone!

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Wonderful images!

Wow! It’s like in a Star War film!!
Those skyscrapers are incredible!
What happens when the electricity is out?!