Don't be held hostage by anyone - make your way "

in GEMS11 months ago

You are still happy because of a situation that makes you hostage, never, however much you are afraid to expose yourself or ashamed of being in an unpleasant situation and do not want to leave for fear of what others will find or think of you. best way for you is to leave.


Do not allow anyone to stop you because of a situation you are going through and cannot resolve it; take action that is good for you. We tend to make mistakes, we can see that we’re always making mistakes, so we don’t accept everything, we kick the mug and we don’t become hostage to anything, because there will always be people who will make you feel small and punctual out of your mistakes to hide the their mistakes.

There are problems to be solved, solve them!

Don't feel stuck in any area of ​​your life, there are things that just delay your life. Live happily with what contributed to your growth and do not have to live with certain people who hold you hostage to threats or lies.

Let those who have no problems throw the first stone, it is necessary to respect every moment that we are living, this is called self-love.

You never let yourself be held hostage by anything or anyone ... Everything passes and there is no harm that lasts forever. Love yourself, have fun!

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