Family vacation

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Hello dear friends! We went to the grandfather with the whole family. Grilled kebabs, vegetables. I love such a vacation, you can spend time with your family, talk, take a lot of photos, and eat well =)

Привет дорогие друзья! Мы ездили к деду всей семьей. Жарили шашлыки, овощи. Люблю такой отдых, можно провести время с семьей, поговорить, сделать много фото, и хорошо наестся =)

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Wow that's really a fun activity !

yes, it was nice and fun with family

where about are those photos taken?

in what sense where? you did not read my post? =)

i mean where on Earth. Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,...?

Good photos and those skewers look spectacular. I really like the grill and especially that presentation that in my country is called pinchos you can make it from beef, pork and you accompany it with some vegetable or corn muffins. excellent work. Regards.

thank! I will send you grilled vegetables later =)

ok ... I'll be waiting for the grill. regards..

delicious food

yes =)

yumi yumi nice moments


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