Golden Symmetrical Patterns ~ Hive Promotion Banners

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Today I've been busy playing around with symmetry on shapes and patterns for a more interesting background. The easiest way to do this is to flip the digital image so that you then have 2 images. When they are connected together the top and bottom image appears symmetrical. Hard to explain, but I think you get what I mean.

So below are two slightly different versions, produced mainly by changing the opacity settings.

Version 1. Symmetrical Background (with Opacity).


Version 2. Less Opacity, brighter red Hive Logo.


Now I will share some screen shots of the various stages of the Banner creation...

  • Here you can see the first half of the background.
    Screen Shot 20200805 at 00.59.00.png

  • Now with the background flipped and joined together and the Hive Logo added from another PSD layer.

Screen Shot 20200805 at 00.59.42.png

  • Finally the "Zinc Filter" in ShutterStock Editor was used, which reduced the opacity of the Hive Logo (Only used for the above version 2 image).
    Screen Shot 20200805 at 00.22.29.png

So that's it , just some fun with symmetrical patterns for Tonight's Hive Promotion Banner. Later I will tweet it out for the new #posh promo initiative. (Please See the latest article by the @poshtoken account for more info).

All of the above Banner Designs and Digital Images were created by me
[ Strictly Copyright ©2020 @andy4475 ] & Published exclusive to Hive.

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