A Simple Happiness: Iced Young Coconut with Rasberry Syrup

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Young coconut is like a common thing here in Indonesia because almost all people in the village have their own coconut trees.



Including me who has a coconut tree in the backyard garden.

So young coconut drinks are a common thing to find here but are always a favorite of many people.


I often combine young coconut with many things. Including today I made young coconut ice with raspberry syrup.

It was a hot day so I felt I needed extra ice.


To the serving glass, I add ice cubes and don't forget the lemon slices.



But I often enjoy the original young coconut without any added anything to get its natural benefits for the body.

Relax and enjoy a glass of iced young coconut. Oh, one glass? No, no. That is not enough. Often I spend more than two glasses of iced young coconut when I relax.

I hope you can feel the freshness and natural benefits of young coconut.


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Gosh! This is what I need today! The hot day this morning is now turning into rain! It’s so wonderful. Coconut drink is my favourite!

Even the rainy day, I would love to drink young coconut water too 😊

Yup! Me too! I could drink three!!

looks great! sounds like a good combination. coconut is nice, I have a tree in my garden too!