Beautiful Sunday with Fresh Lemonade

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If your life feels bad, then try refreshing with a glass of fresh lemonade.


It's like putting you in an atmosphere of freshness like heaven on earth. And it will bring you to forget your problems even for a moment.


The recipe for making lemonade is certainly very tricky. But the most important thing is that you only need to taste sour and sweet jelly to create a balance in a glass of lemonade, not too sour but not too sweet.


The balance of sweet and sour taste is the key to proper freshness.



  • If you find your drink too sour, add sugar or honey.

  • If you find your drink too sweet, then add more lemon juice that you have previously made.

  • Add a few pieces of lemon in a serving glass to add freshness.



I really like lemonade to refresh a hot day. How about you? Or do you have another favorite drink on a sunny day?


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Lemonade is a very refreshing drink for hot summer weather. I try to drink often to keep me hydrated... It's good for the health too...

I want to have a ton of lemon 🍋 🍋 🍋😬

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Looks great dear friend. this is something i want in hot weather. !.

Thanks my friend. Cheers!


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Your glass of fresh lemonade looks tasty. I love to have this drink on a sunny day, too. It can make me feel refreshed indeed.

Flowers in your garden are beautiful.

Thanks so much for sharing your recipe as well as your tips with us. ;)