First Time Making Roasted Coconut Flakes

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Roasted Coconut Flakes are not new things to me because in Indonesia we are not accustomed to using coconut flakes as supplementary ingredients for food preparation.


I learned a lot from the internet, especially Instagram. Lots of posts that tell that coconut flakes have a unique and great taste to be topped with smoothies, ice cream, or raw vegan cakes.

There is no reason not to make my own roasted coconut flakes because I happen to have a lot of coconut stock.


Finally, I succeeded in making roasted coconut after working hard to remove the coconut meat and cut the coconut meat into pieces.


If you have no oven, you can use a non-stick pan to fry without an oven the coconut flakes.


We can make other variations of roasted coconut such as adding sweeteners and natural food coloring.

A Jar of coconut flakes is ready to be enjoyed. I keep this for about a week or so.


I have tried adding chocolate powder and cinnamon powder and adding brown sugar. The results are truly amazing!

Do you have any experience with roasted coconut flakes?

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I love coconuts! You are lucky to have so many.

Lovely jar of those white stuff!! Yummy!! Could you get too much weight gain if a person eat one whole jar by oneself?!

great! there are really a lot of uses for coconut, it is really versatile.

yammy! i like this coconut!

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