Harvesting and Selling A Lots of Coconut From My Garden

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Every two months I sell old coconuts to a coconut tree climber in my village.


You can see that my coconut tree has a very thick fruit.

That's why I can sell old coconuts more often if a climber comes to my house.


This is today's harvest. Around almost 40 coconuts.


The man that a climber buy my coconut around 85,000 IDR or about over 8.5 USD.

It's not much, but the money my mother can use to shop for daily needs.

We are always grateful for the many plants that give us extra money to survive.


As a bonus today, there are some young coconuts ready to be enjoyed as a fresh drink on a hot day.

This is enough for a few days and I'm with mom, thankful for all this.


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Wow ❗ it is very expensive in Japan. I just bought coconut but I don't know what should I do with it?😅

Wow I can be a rich people if sell my coconuts in there 😬

If you buy mature coconut, you can make coconut milk, or roasted coconut flakes. You can check out my previous posts.

If you buy young coconut, you can directly enjoy it as a drink ☺️

That's a lot of coconuts...

Yes but in here not expensive because native fruit in here 🌴🥥

Oh I miss the young coconut juice. 🍸 Very refreshing. 😍

Coconut always missed by everyone

Wow..so envy you surrounded by fruits orchard, rambutan, coconut trees etc..

Yeah, but in Indonesia, I can't found berries 😀 like blueberries then cherry :)

all those coconuts from your garden?
if I ever visit your area... then don't forget to treat me with one coconut, please.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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