Hello, New Leaf of Alocasia Plant

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Caring for plants is not easy, in my opinion. Plants like humans that need attention. If we forget even a day to give their attention, the growth will be disrupted.

Growing new leaves or even emerging new saplings is fun for someone who cares for plants.


This time it was my Alocasia plant that grew new leaves. Although this is not the first time. But I just had time to capture it with my camera this time.

Whenever new leaves appear, the plant's old leaves will begin to curl downwards and look wilted.


A simple green, green that makes my heart happy. The leaves will look shiny when exposed to light.

I realized I was not a good plant nurse. When I am busy with my various writing projects, I often forget to pay attention to my plants.

So I feel grateful if my plants give me new leaves or even a new baby plants. I feel myself getting a prize.

Maybe this seems excessive. But I feel happy that cannot be expressed in many words when every morning I see a good development in my plants, be it indoors or outdoors.

I was afraid the plant would die because my house condition was so hot. I often move this plant for the best sunshine but in a location that is not too hot.


This plant is one of my favorites because it has a beautiful color when used as a complement to the photo.

Do you have ornamental plants of this type? What do you think? Pretty interesting, right?



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