Homemade Rice Crackers, Crispy, YUMMY!

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Rice crackers are a popular type of Indonesian snack, usually made from glutinous rice.

Rice crackers can also be used as a way to take advantage of excessive rice that is not consumed, so as to avoid throwing rice.


The texture will be crispy when fried, and can be used as a complement to a variety of foods such as curry and spicy soup.

How to make

We just need to cook the glutinous rice until it is cooked with enough salt, then steam it.

This steaming process is done so that the rice does not become sticky when later the shaping process is to be dried.


After steaming, the glutinous rice forms into a flat and dry in the sun for about 2-3 days until it is completely dry.

Then, fry the dried rice crackers.

The texture will be crispy, and the most important thing, fry rice crackers in a state of perfect hot oil so that the texture becomes good.


I often make rice crackers at home, especially if there is rice that is not spent well.

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