Morning Gardening Activity: Pruning My Bougainvillea

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My Bougainvillea has grown lush crazy and I have to do Pruning.


I love Bougainvillea very much because I usually do a lot of food photography using this beautiful plant.

Their leaves are beautifully shaped and sometimes the color of their flowers changes color depending on the intensity of light and water. That is why Bougainvillea flowers are suitable for complementing food photo properties for me.


I must be careful that their thorns do not hit me. But the fact is that even though I'm careful, their thorns still scratch my skin.


Grateful, I only got one scratch on my hand.


This is the stem that I have cut. Quite a lot because the tree is very lush.


I deliberately left a few large stems of Bougainvillea which had only just released small flowers.


My cat comes when I'm done. This time she has become a mother with 4 cute children.


That was my gardening activity today about pruning Bougainvillea trees.

Stay safe everyone!

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Very cute cat assistance came to inspect your gardening job!

Where are the kittens?! Make some post!

The kittens still not available to get out from their box 😬

Okay! I can wait for them to grow up!