Self-quarantine and Breakfast With Muesli

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Muesli is an instant ready to eat breakfast but still able to fulfill our body's nutrition. Moreover, it can be saved for a long time and saves money.


So during the quarantine period due to corona virus now, muesli is the right choice that is healthy.

Muesli is generally a mixture of oats with seeds, and dried fruits.


I chose Muesli with contents of tropical fruits: pineapple, papaya. I soak muesli in the cold milk before enjoying it.



If you prefer porridge-like texture, you can cook muesli with water, or milk.

Muesli is also delicious to eat as a snack and can be used as a complement to smoothies.


How about you? Do you prefer muesli or oat in general?



I appreciate your wonderful ideas all the time, great photography with something Delicious and nature.

Thanks my friend

Stay healthy :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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I prefer oats with tropic muesli a lot... Hot or cold depends on mood...

Yeep, hot or cold depends on mood 😊

Stay healthy, dear.

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