The Life of Mature Coconut Photography Part 2 🥥 🥥 🥥

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After the coconut is broken, we have to gouge out the mature coconut meat to be able to use them into food ingredient.


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Here I will use them to make roasted Coconut Flakes. So I take out mature coconut meat.



After successfully separating the coconut meat from the coconut shell, I peel the skin of the coconut meat which is hard-textured, rather thick and blackish-brown in color.


I have to be very careful because, before this time, I had an accident, my finger was hit by a knife while cleaning the hard skin on the coconut meat.


Even though I've done this a lot, still, accidents can happen at any time if we let our guard down a little.


This is a piece of mature coconut meat that has been successfully cleaned from the hard skin.

Then, to make roasted coconut flakes, I have to slice them thinly with a knife and of course with extra care.


Photography Life from mature coconuts will continue in the next session.

Stay safe everyone!

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hati-hati dengan luka di tangan ya..

Iya gak sadar pisaunya tajam ehehe

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