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Dear Justin Sun – My open letter to you!

By: @jaynie


Have you ever attended a live sports event at a stadium? There is something very unique about an experience like that


My daily art. Blooming trees

By: @prostosun


Spring is becoming more beautiful and colorful.
I do not know what these trees are called, but they are so dark and beautiful against the background of the sunny sky


Behind The Photo contest - Edition #8 | The magic of the horizon

By: @manuelramos


A camera, the horizon and two great friends hunting silhouettes with pictures in the middle of the horizon


Los acordes menores del CUATRO venezolano - posiciones de los dedos por @gaborockstar

By: @gaborockstar


Hola querida comunidad de músicos y amante de las artes de la plataforma steemit


For us it is a flufor them death-Coronavirus

By: @txatxy


I feel my desire and my dream evaporate.
My desire to be with my mother in her last days, to hug and caress her, to tell her that I love her.


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Thank you for the support and public recognition! I work with great passion!

You are much welcome!

Thank you for your support!!!

You are welcome!

Keep up the good work and thanks alot for all the I really appreciate it 👍🏾🍻 !BEER !trdo @tipu curate

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Congrats to all. 🎉🎉🎉

I wish all whales and dolphins would be as supportive to their not-friends/co-community members on Steemit as you are. ❤

Thank you so much.

Greetings @appreciator!
A very varied publication, excellent!
I congratulate all the selected ones!
It is a pleasure to visit your blog ...
See you soon!

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