My Fooding Situation

in GEMS3 months ago


For the past one week I have been extremely sick and slowly but surely everything was going wrong with my body. But the start of it was with my Sense of Taste. I lost my sense of taste the second day after falling sick at which point I could no longer taste anything. Yes I could taste sugar or salt provided I taste a lot of it but if a dish is served to me I can't taste it properly. This is pretty normal for people going through fever so I was not scared a lot. But it was most definitely a pain in the ass as

What was I supposed to eat?

A few days later I found out that for some weird reason Apples and Mashed potatoes were the only two things that tasted nice to my fucked up Palette. So yeah it has been real trouble figuring out what to eat everyday, both for me and my Mom. The only saving grace for me here is the fact that I am currently staying with my Parents so I don't have to worry about food right now.