New Set of Rules from my Mom

in GEMS5 months ago


Yesterday my Mom came to stay with me and even though I am enjoying my time with my Mom there is something that I am not enjoying at all. My Mom has some rules that I gotta follow and it's currently a little hard for me to do as I am used to doing things my way. Now I do agree that most of my Mom's rule makes sense but I just am not able to completely follow them being the Lazy Goof that I am. Now let me cite down a couple of my Moms Rule -

1> She wants me to take a bath every time I come home from outside

Now I am ok with this as in the current time period it is better to be safe than sorry so even though I don't like the Idea I am ok with obeying this Rule.

2> She wants me to clean the dishes before going to Bed

Now, this is something I am not too glad about as my work makes me tired a lot so after I come home and do some work I really don't want to be washing dishes before heading to Bed.

3> Clothes are to be washed daily

I usually do my Laundry every two days apart and thankfully I have sufficient clothes so that I can have that Gap without having to wear the same clothes. But my Mom wants it to be done daily which is both time consuming as well as Detergent Consuming.

and there are many more where they came from. So yeah these rules are a little discomforting for me as for the past 8 months or so I have lived according to my rules(well almost) but I am going to suck it up and follow those rules as much as I can so that she can be Happy while she stays with me.