The Bad Angel and The Good Devil

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Heroes and Villians, it's our world. The story of heroes and villains started from the fairy tales we hear from childhood to the movies we watch now. We perceive the world also in that way. We classify the people around us into the heroes and the Villians, the good and the bad. In mythologies, they are angels and demons.


There is a philosophy like "Life's all about dealing with these heroes and villains", But in fact that in the story of themselves he is the hero. In my story, I'm the hero, but I may be a villain in some other stories. It's hard to stay on one side, the side of angels.

When we grew up we start the search for our villains, if someone opposes our opinion we start to think that they are just someone opposite to us, the side of the devil. This upbringing causes some real problems, having a built-in belief, living without understanding. We are gonna ignore the opinions of others.

There's some kind of a great story I've read from somewhere, I think it's some story that goes through social media's, It's simple. Imagine that you are drinking a cup of coffee, someone comes and hits your hand knowingly or unknowingly, The coffee spills out. The question is why coffee spilt out of the cup in hand. It's simply because it was coffee was in the cup, if there was tea then it will be tea which's gonna spill.

It may feel like a stupid story, I think my narration made it this much vulgar. So the important thing is we are like the cup if one comes to talk or interact with us, We will be spilling out whatever's inside us. It's not according to the person we interact with. So it's better to fill some good inside and spread it out to the world. If it' something bad and ugly is inside us, we will be spreading out that.

I think there's no need for the search for a villain, an opponent. Everyone's a hero with some bad, or Everyone's a Villian with some good. This may seem a little bit awkward. But I feel like it's true, the angel and the demon both are inside us. We can choose which's to come out and act.

It isn't possible to completely win over the Demon without making the Angel more powerful. In the beginning, they start as equal. But as we grow one part may predominate over the other. The heroes need more power to defeat these villains, so it's better to do more heroic things and attain power. That was something I never planned to write, but I think it feels good to read.

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