The Illusion of Time

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It's only after I started to work on a schedule I've realised about the time I've been wasting. I'm a pretty recognized lazy guy among my friends and families, so I could do things halfway and quiet, they always end the conversation by making a statement that I'm lazy. As always I was not that much care about what others say, and in inside I accepted the fact. I just started to say that I'm lazy, to myself.


Then it was like some kind of license for me to do everything lazily, I don't have to answer for my little habits. But eventually, the laziness started to affect my mind also. I became lazy even for thinking about something. whatever problems come in life I started to ignore it by the laziness in finding a solution for it.

I've heard everyone talking about time and the value of it. Most of them talk with the regret of the time they have wasted. But that never made an impact on me at those times, I think the understanding the value of time is something we need to understand by our own. Cause time and its value are very much personal, even when if we have universal time standards and measures.

For a student who's not interested in maths a math class hour gonna feel like decades, then for the who is interested, it's just a few minutes. If one feels that who can question the other one. It's how he feels like, no one can question his reality.

As it's personal, time's value will be different according to how we use our time. Doing nothing always gonna give a lot of extra boring hours. If one has a lot of things to do, 24 hours is not just enough. Living in my laziness everything was a bit awkward, days passed and everything other than time had no change. It was kind of a depreciation state.

The things in my life were changed I started doing something interesting, something I loves doing. For me, it's writing, even if it takes me a lot of effort, I love the process. It's not like I'm saying that I'm a good writer, what I'm saying is even if the end result is not that much good, I love the process of doing it. It gives me satisfaction that I've done something.

It's this energy comes from satisfaction, is that I use to do other boring things. When I could do something I love doing it's easy for me to put some small efforts on other little things. Then life's like the time is not enough to do things.

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