Effective communication in marital relationship

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With the persistent rise in the failure of marriages in this 21st Century, one might ask what actually is causing the break up.


Though not recognized, failed marriage is a pandemic in the society.

It adversely affect both partners and their children, if any, which shows in their various behavioral patterns.

While some actually move on, some commit suicide, others remarry or remain single.

During courtship, couples are advised to effectively communicate with each other.

It might not be visible but consistent transmission of information between both individuals builds a solid background in the relationship.

It makes it almost impossible for them to hide important things from each other.

When this is eliminated during courtship, it doesn't magically appear after marriage.

It's in marriage that the pace of communication fastens in the sense they're together to share the pains and joys in their own way of connection.


In my little research, I found out that married couples find it difficult to communicate with each other due a broad array of reasons.

Personally, I believe that the wide age difference between the spouses affects them in diverse ways.

The African culture has already inculcated this big difference making it possible for most of the marriages to work out whereas the Western culture presently prefers their age bracket.

Communication and Relationship has been defined by different authors based on their own understanding of the context.

Relationship means a "typical connection existing between two or more parties" opined by Merriam-Webster

Its binding, usually continuous association between two or more individuals wherein one has some influence on feelings or actions of the other.

Communication on the other hand in the simple words of Keith Davis: is a process of passing information and understanding from one person to another

Similarly John Adair in his own words defines communication as essentially the ability of one person to make contact with another and make himself or herself understood.

Effective communication in marital relationships helps couples in more ways than the other.

There's this strong bond it builds. Lack of it therefore builds a barrier within them.

They end up speaking to a third party about it, without knowing the true intentions of them.

While some third parties have good intentions and actually assist in the problem while others are set to destroy the marriage.

Continually talk to each other, build that trust and confidence in one another.

Lack of communication brings about distrust while excess of it brings about happily ever after.