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Hello to all you #hivers out there, today i'm continuing with a challenge initiated by @tegoshei  the 30-Day Blogging Challenge It's a daily blog challenge that has subjects to follow so here's my entry #16.

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Ok so today's topic is your first crush, the first person I had a thing for was a pop star from many years back. It was 1977 and the music of the day was disco, every week we would settle down to watch the chart music show "Top of the pops".

This was a popular show that the whole family would enjoy, it was probably the only outlet for general music at the time, a spin off from the BBC radio chart show, was a countdown from number forty down to number one.

Along the way some of the new and rising tunes of the week would get a play, this was before the days of many music video's so often the artists would appear on the show to perform their songs.

Settling down in front of the TV we all waited to see what was new that week it was always a strange mix of music but on this week something happened that made me realize I was growing up.

As the host of the show announced this week at number 1 Donna summer with "I feel love". the 11 year old me sat there eyes wide open not understanding the feeling I had going on in my mind, then the penny dropped I was in love.

The electronic disco beat along with the sassy looking singer with a sexy voice had introduced me to a emotion that until this point I had never felt. What was going on? why am I staring at the TV like iv'e been hypnotized? It would be a year or two before I really understood these feelings but that moment would stay with me for a lifetime.

Donna summer the Queen of Disco and one hot chick. RIP

Until next time stay safe folks.


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