What is Modern Art and Digital Art? How are they different?

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Art is the aesthetic expression of human experience. (Aesthetic expression is not about looking good and beautiful at a glance. Picasso, a world-renowned artist, presented his art through distortion. Distortion has its own distinct aesthetics.)

Speaking of art, one should keep in mind that different arguments exist in different eras. Artists are a part of that era.


Modern art is based on the creative potential of the artist. Therefore, in the modernist age, art was considered to be the specific creation of the artist. It is believed that the works of modern art had a deep meaning. This is due to the fact that in the age of modern art the artist gave more importance to purpose. Modern art believed in the principle of going deep into the subject. In the case of modern art, the influence of the media seems less. Modern art focuses on artists in the traditional way of creating art by gradually making art.

The time period associated with modern art is halfway through the period of Impressionism through the pop-art movement. Henry Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Wesley Candiski, Marcel Ducamp, Alexander Calder, Mark Rothko, Helen Frankenthaler, Georgia O'Keefe, Ellsworth Kelly, Al Held, Bruce Nauman and Bridget Riley are some of the modern artists.

Alexander Calder's art

What is Post Modern Art?

On the other hand, in the age of modernism, especially after the existence of the computer, art became digital in the sense that it was represented in the form of graphics and other things. Art is also being preserved digitally in post-modern times. In other words, the artwork was copied and protected by digital media. The original meaning of creativity has been lost in the post-modern art era. Everything was computerized. The remix became the order of the day to lose creativity and originality in modern times.

In fact, the reliance on technology has increased in the modern era of art. In the case of post-modern art, the influence of the media is more pronounced. Post Modern art has downplayed the traditional method of creating art. Due to the use of technology, artists do not take as much time to create as previous artists.

Post modern artists include Barbara Krueger, Jenny Holzer, Cristo and Jeanne-Claude, Jeff Kuns, Takashi Murkam and Nan Goldin.

Barbara Krueger's art

What is the difference between modern art and post modern art?

It is believed that works of modern art had a deep meaning. This is due to the fact that in the age of modern art the artist gave more importance to purpose. On the other hand, in the age of modernism, especially after the existence of the computer, art became digital in the sense that it was represented in the form of graphics and the like. This is the main difference between modern art and postmodern art.

Modern Art vs. Post Modern Art

The differences between modern art and postmodern art can be discussed in terms of their duration, concepts and ideas. In fact, it is difficult for many to understand the difference between modern art and postmodern art because when their concepts and ideas are understood, the two types of art are often confused.

Jenny Holzer's art

It is interesting to note that modernity began around the 1860s and must have lasted until the 1950s. Postmodernism, on the other hand, began after 1968. Post modern art uses technology to speed up the creation process. Even modern art independently of modern art does not focus on that person. Postmodern art is criticized by traditional artists for not being art.

Post Modern Art or Digital Art

We usually see art as painting, drawing and architecture. Digital Art, as the name itself suggests, is a new form of art in which we resort to digital technology to create a work.

In this, we can create a myriad of designs using computer-based technology. It is also called media art. We use modern technology instead of non-traditional methods to create a work in digital art. New areas such as computer graphics, animation, virtual and interactive art are its parts.

Today the definition and boundaries of digital art are expanding rapidly. With the advent of computers in the 1960s, the use of technology in the field of art started increasing. After that, as technology became modern, artists started making new designs with its help. After the advent of Internet, there was a lot of progress in this direction. All types of websites have animation and lots of other designs. They also have the facility to make them musical.

With the help of digital art, there can be endless experiments about art. It is a result of its increasing influence and use that now it is being included in the media curriculum in colleges. This mode is making rapid inroads into the society, especially among the youth. Being a mixture of old and new forms of art, every class wants to know and understand digital art.

Separate museums are being built for the works to be made from it. Actually, digital art has also made art more popular than before. With the help of technology, the work made from old art or digital art can be viewed anywhere in the world through internet.

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