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RE: Palmers Island and Lighthouse

in GEMS2 days ago

this is so cool JJ.
you know these light houses and harbors were so popular back in the days of King Arthur, basically in those days that they were kings amd sailors, conquest upon conquest here and there.

I wonder maybe I'd be a knight then or a village farmer.
unlike these times, everything is so different besides

I'd feel like a god with sonyA7ii in my hands

nice one
have a good day


Ohh yeah one can only imagine what they have seen

I know what you mean I love my A7iii, I see there is talk of a A7IV coming out later this year, I may be tempted, but I am so happy with what I have now to be honest

okay great...
but if you ever wish to get a new one and give out the other
I hope I'm number one on your list

Sorry but MY Daughter in Law insist to be in the number one spot

I am not sure if I get a new one or not, but if I do I think I will keep them both, Next year I want to try and get out and get some shots of the extended family playing sports, and have been asked to do some shoots of family which I have generally resisted, maybe with two cameras I may try both

okay... it's cool though