My Big Fat Geek Bedding

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I think geek’dem is all relative and while i don’t see myself as being the biggest geek I can surly nerd out with the best of them!

My dad often says that I remind him of Sheldon from the Big Bang theory and I’m not even tall, slender or white so I’m probably nerdy and annoying In his mind!

I’d say I’m more of a casual geek but I do like a lot of geek culture


Image source: - geekpinoy


I have several gaming consoles and I do play some of the AAA titles but it’s not something I’m really big on as I got older but still find it a fine way to kill a few hours! The last game I played was the witcher 3 and maybe I should dust of them PS4 sometime soon surprisingly haven touched it much during lock down

comics and anime

Pretty much a big DC fan boy and will watch or read anything batman related I’ll surly give Marvel a shot but their stories just don’t match up to DC and as for the new heroes DC is far better! Looking forward to see how the likes of sideways, damage and the terrifics work out giving us something fresh in the DC comic universe

I won’t say I’m the biggest weeaboo ever but I do enjoy me some attack on Titan, Naruto, Dragonball, Bleach, DeAth note and ghost in a shell.


If you check out my YOuTube playlist it’s mostly financial news and science stuff always keen to learn about the world around us! Today I was listening to why octopuses yes that’s the plural can rewrite their RNA to adapt to certain environments they literally change their genetics that’s insane


I’m going to tag @mimismartypants because she’s a big Harry Potter and Hitchickers guide to the galaxy fan and I think she owns a Wonder Woman t shirt

I’ll also tag @d-zero because of how much the snyder cut means to him

I’ll tag @katrin-lux because she’s super smart and I think she’s nerdy 😉🤪

If you want to enter you can find all the details here

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Death Note, Bleach, Samurai X are my all time favs, I haven't seen ghost in a shell though.

Who keeps their console away during lockdown 😲🙄🙄🙄🙄

Lol I'm not sure I've ever owned any merch though, maybe a spiderman tshirt when I was 15

Absolutely recommend Ghost in the Shell. Even my profile pic is from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Lol thanks for the link....I'm so downloading it right now!!!

Happy to introduce you into it 😆

LOL I’m still working from home and working out so between the teo and cleaning and making food I don’t feel like gaming I’d rather just watch a show gaming requires some more energy than I have left

I don’t own much nerd merch unless it was given to me, I have logan t shirt that I got because I saw the movie 🍿 lol and a King Arthur hat for the same reasons but that’s it

Very nice entry, @chekohler.

That geek / nerd bed is really cool, haha!

Thanks, hope it brings some more nerds/geeks to the cause :)

Sheldon has an awesome personality, even if he acts sometimes like a big nutcase😂 Nerds are interesting creatures, definetely more interesting than "average" 😎

LOL he sure is special but I think they naturally take certain traits and hype them up to extremes for comedy! If you watch Big Bang theory carefully you’ll notice all the jokes are about them being nerds not the actual content being nerdy it’s strange lol I guess it’s what audiences “assume” nerds are like without knowing them

Oh for sure I’ll rather take weird than average but that’s just me

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Thanks for tagging ✌️ You should try Evangelion or Steins;Gate. Both are amazing work :)

I’ve seen Evangelion but not steins gate will add that to my list after I finish one punch man haven’t caught up to the last season yet

Thanks for tagging me on this interesting topic 😜 yeah i really look Like the typical Geek i am tall, slender and white..
Lol thanks for calling me smart i can Just give it Back
Honestly i dont think i am a Geek
Sometimes i am watching Videos Like you with the octopuses (!) And i could have give you a YouTube Channel but its German (mailabs, i remember you would Like to learn German 😋)
sorry if I disappoint you a bit but I'm a real geek I don't think so🙊

Lol well you can bring the tall, slender and white part and I'll bring the geek talk part and together we can make a sheldon or a "chetrin" lol

Its okay if you don't want to embrace your inner geek vibes, lol I'm sure your YouTube history will tell a different story 😜

Well if there's subtitles, I'm sure I can watch it

Thats a good idea ! I have the Geek look and you have the geek brain!
Haha thats maybe true lol but i can say its the YouTube History of my sister for some reason we are using the Same Account 😜
I am Not shure but i think it has subtitles

LOL sounds like we'll make a good team! Oh no, I can't imagine 2 of you, I don't think I could deal with you and your sister at the same time, one of you is already enough for me 😜

haha yes we are difficult to endure together would not know if you would pack it lol 😜

Lol I'll stick with 1 of you for now and see how far I make it 😋, you'll have to prepare me for 2 and go easy on me!

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