Rich Potato Curry and Messi Roti

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So today I went on to prepare something which is not so common, as because it includes Khus Khus (Poppy Seeds) and Watermelon Seeds (Tarbuj magaj). These two gives a rich flavour to your veggies, so today I created very simple potato curry with these two. And trust me you will love it to the core, the taste was awesome.


Cooking Rich Potato Curry

At first, soaked one spoon each of Khus Khus and Watermelon Seeds in water. This has to be soaked for like 30 minutes.

Khus Khus and watermelon SeedsKhus Khus and watermelon Seeds

After that have Onion, Tomato, Chili, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Garlic, and Black Pepper ready to create a paste.


Some Close UpDifferent Angle

Mix everything along with Khus Khus and Watermelon Seeds and grind it.

Mix EverythingAfter Grind

Now cut Potato in slices but as per your choice, I tried to cut it perfectly round but failed it some because of me and some because of potato sizes. I fried it in Ghee, but you can use oil too. Fry it till it becomes golden. Bdw it depends on you whether you want it light or more fried. I have kept a combination of both.

Fry Potato in GheeFry it until it becomes golden

After frying, remove all the potatoes from the frying pan, and in the same Ghee, add the paste and cook it. Do not add any water. Cook until no more water is there.

Start cookingCook until no more water is there

After that add some water and add the fried potatoes into it. Add salt and after like 5 minutes, you can turn off the flame.

Start cookingCook until no more water is there

Cooking Messi Roti

At first, take half cup wheat flour and half Gram Flour (Besan). Add salt, Chili Powder, Oil and Ajwain. Prepare a dough out of it.


Start rolling it and then add it to the Roti Tawa and then roast it on the flame.

RollAdd it to the Roti TawaRoast It

After roasting it apply ghee on to it.

After RoastingApply Ghee

And thus both Rich Potato Curry and Messi Roti is been done, and it can be served hot.

FoodPotato Curry and Messi Roti

Hope you liked it, I must say that the taste is really great. I might use this curry with some other veggies too and not only with potato.