A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world.

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Nature varies from one people to another. In other words different people have different nature which means they have different mind set to each other.

We can classify people into two types. One is know as Happy People and second class is known as unhappy people.

Happy people are those that always keep smile on their faces regardless of how much financially they are strong. They learnt to live happy life weather the days in their life are good or bad. They dont complain about anything and are happy with whatever they have. Such people are Very nice in my humble opinion.

While the second class of people that are known as unhappy are those people that never stop wishing to have more wealth and other missing things. They dont say thank to God for what they have. Such people Dont smile and remains unhappy due to their greedy mindset.


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Now if we see the first class that are happy people they are the people that really living a good life and we should be like them. We should not complain. We can spend good life with whatever we have.

Instead of running behind money we should find peace and it can only be found when we become satisfied with ourself. Thats it.

Thank you for reading.