The Scariest moment is always just before you start.

in GEMS11 months ago

Sometimes we feel scared whenever we are going to start something New. The fear starts hitting our mind and body. The negative outcomes that are our own thoughts based on predictions starts runnning in our mind.

We afraid to start new things because of our negative mind and less confidence. Whenever we try new things we should never be afraid of the consequences. We just focus on whatever we are doing and should be positive.

The scary moments are just before starting new experiments. Once we start experimenting we feel easy. Actually we start to think about negative aspects, we fear from people that what they will think if something went wrong. Do not let people to overcome your mind. Dont let them decide what is good or wrong for you.


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Once you start experimenting ,you will meet many good and bad people. Good people will always courage you while negative minded people will create fear in your mind and will discourage you. You have to be careful.

As its a wise saying of someone that "listen everyone but follow what your heart say". In our society people usually took advise and opinion of their old people as they are considered wise and experienced.

Sometimes taking advise from others is good but it may also lose your confidence. Because now a days people usually try to pull people down from the sky. Be avoid to take advise from people that are jealous from you.
Whatever you are going to do just do it and dont be scare, you will be happy once you followed it.

Thank you.