Whatever you do, do it well.

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Whenever we go on a mission we should achieve our target, do anything that is necessary to get it. Dont be lazy in your mission. If you become lazy you cant get good results.

Mostly people get excited whenever they start their journey or mission, as the time passes they feel discomfortable with the hurdles they get along their way , eventually they stop to move forward and quit. Now all their time is wasted.

My question is why they are going onto a mission in which they cannot bear the difficulties ? They dont have sense that when someone go out on mission ,the troubles and difficulties are always expected and they have to bear that in order to reach their destination.

This quitting proves that such people havent made their mind before starting their journey.
Giving up in middle of the mission is always results in a loss.


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I can give you an example from my society, I remember a student who passed his 12th class and took admission in the university. He got admission in Bsc(H) Physics.He was very excited in the beginning. There were total 8 semesters of his course. He was going good. He was near to be a teacher himself, then suddenly he got failed in his last two semesters and behaved lazy and dull, as a result he could not improve and gave up on it.
All his previous hardwork gone. He wasted money and time as well as expectations of his parents. My question is why he took admission if he cannot keep himself on track.

This is where it applies "Whatever you do, do it well."

What i am trying to say is that if you cannot complete a mission then dont go for it. You will only waste time and money.
Hope you understand.

Thanks for reading.

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